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Audiowizard Asus

Audiowizard Asus

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Audiowizard Asus

This situation might be resolved with the help of a program – AudioWizard (an old version is available at GitHub).
I think this is related to playing mp3s in the cloud.
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Apparently, this could be because the PC's BIOS is set to USB mode.
Trying to fix that proved to be impossible for me.
So the solution is probably a fairly easy one to Google: Disable the AutoPlay AudioWizard application.
Use the PC utility ASUS ReiBoot 3 to manually set the system to USB mode (no matter what).
In the BIOS, scroll down to "ASUS USB/EHCI USB/chipset USB/DMI USB/KVM USB/SCSI." See the screen grab here:

Use the PC utility ASUS ReiBoot 3 to manually set the system to USB mode (no matter what).
Once it's set to USB mode, the program will no longer run, and you can remove it from your computer.
Basically, the same as setting it to Legacy mode, but it's not necessary to force Windows to work with USB as it does with "Legacy" mode.
ASUS Download Software Download Management Agent for Windows | ASUS Pro Market | SoftCenter


This package is a standalone ASUS AudioWizard (to turn it on, use the first step in the manual).
How to download and install standalone ASUS AudioWizard from developer's website:

Download the audiowizard.exe
Double-click on the audiowizard.exe file to start installation.
Follow the installation guide and the software will be installed.

The documentation is also available on developer's website.

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I downloaded the ASUS sound recovery tool and run it. It askes me to download the files from (micro SD card) ASUS AudioWizard, AudioManager, ACM. I did it and when rebooted, the problem is solved.
Use this tool to correct the sound quality
ASUS APN97000 AudioWizard Recovery File Version Download


Reading data from external XML file

I am trying to write an application in C# that reads data from an external XML file to a XmlDocument object. The external file contains information on my calendar. I have 3 questions that I need some help with:
How can I read the information on the calendar in the XML file? I need to access each entry and each line that represents a date.
The XML file contains multiple entries, for each date/location I need to read only the information relating to that date. I guess it can be done by finding the row that matches the date that I read from the calendar application.
I am not quite sure what is the best approach in solving this problem. I have used "System.Xml.Linq" to achieve this.


XmlDocument has been deprecated. Instead, use XDocument:
XDocument xdoc = XDocument.Load("file.xml");

The Post-Gazette's Peter Baughman: "In many ways, the reason there are so many Republican candidates is that the state GOP's relentless campaign of 'dirty tricks' has finally paid off."

OK, so that's not exactly the kind of argument that is going to win Michael Steele any supporters. But on the morning after Steele lost the Republican primary to the controversial former football coach Doug White, longtime Pennsylvania GOP consultant Bill Adair was pretty bummed-out.

“I think there are two groups of people in the room,” Adair said as he gathered reporters, donors, and others at a sleek panel room at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in St. Paul, Minn. “The people who had a real problem with Steele and the people who didn’t know if they would show up to the convention. I would say more support for Steele than not.”

Next up, Adair spoke with Chuckles the Clown, the old Pittsburgh Steelers mascot. Chuckles is more than just a mascot; he's a

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