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StormPredator Crack  Download For PC

StormPredator Crack Download For PC









StormPredator [Latest 2022]

* A powerful real time radar with EXCLUSIVE storm tracker and predictor tool, plus personal scan zone and lat/lon plus distance measuring tool that helps you track storms, predict ETA, and plot storm paths.
* Exclusively designed to be your own personal live weather radar in a window on your desktop!
* Interactive, personalized look for a unique look for your desktop with 12 unique themes, plus skins for your "Radar window".
* Unlimited number of weather-proxies, where you can store your own personal weather data.
* Pager, email and cell phone alerts, weather warning map and status - everything you need to know when there is bad weather coming or already there, and alerts when and where.
* StormPredator contains advanced image processing tools for removing ground clutter, and Automated storm analysis for storm processing.
* For those who like to "have" their weather information with StormPredator, you can get a free weather forecast and warnings for every city in the US and Puerto Rico. Also includes troposphere weather forecasts for local cities.
* Track storms by following them and see where they travel in your area. Scan and predict storms.
* StormPredator is the most powerful wind and precipitation radar in the world. It is capable of storing and processing 30+ hours of radar data at the same time!
* Track over 60,000 US cities with StormPredator! StormPredator Pro is the only free app that includes a full set of radar images, ad-free. This is because StormPredator Pro does not use advertisements.
* Free updates are available when new radar images become available and when new features are added.
* A full weather warning for your area is just a click away. StormPredator's computer model driven forecasts provide weather warnings for every city in the US and Puerto Rico for the next 36 hours. StormPredator Pro is the only radar available with a full forecast.
* State-of-the-art user interface.
* Water color backgrounds to your images.
* StormPredator uses a variety of different weather data sources so you can be up-to-date on any weather conditions.
The most powerful radar in the world from the National Weather Service.
StormPredator is also available on Android phones and tablets.
StormPredator also includes many more features.
If you are a new user you can try out the 14 day limited free edition of StormPredator and see what all the fuss is about


This is a small application that gives you personal live access to the country's radar network.
You can view live radar images from any location on your PC desktop. That means you do not need to have internet access or a PC with a radar card installed.
The live radar data is provided to the application from the Weather Underground NEXRAD server for free. The images are processed in a program called Pig that compresses and records the data for offline use in the application.
Once the data is processed, it is saved locally for offline viewing. This allows you to view the images in the application, and also retrieve them for use in other programs or websites.
· Generate and view NEXRAD imagery for any location in the USA
· Radar image processing (reduces noise, removes ground clutter and enhance brightness)
· User customized settings menu to select day, time frame, and locations
· High resolution digital mosaics of any specified area
· Customizable skins for a hi-tech look
· Equivalent location for any location in the USA
· Zoom functions to view desired area and track specified storms
· Select a storm or storm cell that you want to track
· Future ETA
· Weather warnings alerting you of any current or impending storms in your area
· Storms that you track are shown on a state and/or national status map along with their tracked paths
· Storms are also detected and tracked for the entire country
· Has full screen mode for use with TV output
· Uses four color themes: Frost White, Twilight, Night Time, Dark Green
· 3 sets of buttons for: settings, weather alerts, storm tracking, zoom, storage and exit
· Time-based in months (1-12), weeks (1-7), days (1-31), hours (1-24), and minutes (1-60)
· Personal scan zone is customizable to include any location within a 100 mile radius of your location
· Storms are described with text and directional glyphs (red/orange/yellow text)
· Storms within your scan zone are color-coded
· Storms outside of your scan zone are not colored, but are listed in the "Uncertain" category
· Storms can be viewed by their name, longitude, latitude, date/time, track, cell, and extension
· Click the "color in blizzard" button to have your cursor turn white to match storms on radar

StormPredator Crack+

-- StormTracker
StormTracker is a customizable radar and advanced storm tracker. Now you can track your own weather! StormTracker makes weather timing fun!
-- Weather-Predictor
Speed up, or take it to the next level with StormPredator's Weather-Predictor. Get the predicted future storm path and track for new storm alerts you can set. This is updated and tailored to your area.
-- Text Messages
Span your way into the storm using StormPredator. It is easy to send your own personal storm forecast over text messaging on your PC.
-- Alerts
Once you enter a storm, you can now receive your own personal alerts right on your PC desktop. These include:
-- Rain gauge
-- Wind barometer
-- Real-time wind and pressure
-- Cooled air temp
-- Storm details and warnings

WeatherUtility - Weather forecasts, weather events, weather statistics and weather reporting from various weather stations. Data are pulled from NOAA, WWV/NOAA, WSU and more.

Get forecasts for approximately 50,000 weather stations. Choose from hundreds of international cities and over 150,000 American locales.
Data are pulled directly from the stations and the National Weather Service.

Reports include: daily weather summaries, forecasts, weather summaries, short term weather trends, weather reports, weather forecasts, weather maps, severe weather maps, and weather images.

This is a powerful and flexible weather software designed for all types of users. Stay current on current conditions and forecast. Watch the progress of each storm as your weather develops. View image maps of forecasted weather conditions.

Weather Underground is an excellent source of weather forecasts and related technical weather information. The product was originally created for forecasting weather in California, California, but has grown in popularity and availability, particularly in recent years. The site features advanced and special weather information, forecasts, historical weather, current conditions for weather stations, and climate maps.

Cities USA provides the city specific weather information you need to be productive. Our direct access to the National Weather Service offers the best, most up-to-date forecasting to enable accurate planning.

Cities USA is a powerful tool to use for real-time and historical weather forecasting. It's affordable to get all the weather information you need at your desktop. Add your own custom data and customize maps and charts.

This is free software for taking snapshots of weather conditions. It displays current temperature, pressure,

What's New in the?

StormPredator is a free software program for finding, tracking, and predicting tornadoes, severe thunderstorms, and hurricanes. It uses a real-time model of the atmosphere to project the positions and intensities of storms.

Download StormPredator

Mac OSx & Windows. (Requires Java or Acrobat Reader)

Why pay for data when you can just get it for free from the government, right? has been in business for about 13 years.

This really is a free radar, but you can get a lot of data
from this radar free of charge by correctly using the Solar
System (but if you think this guy is paying for solar
data, don't worry, solar data is free to any weather
conditions in the USA).

Actually you can find the solar data for the USA free
on this same site.

You can get weather alerts free from NASA or NOAA. This is what they give you for free (and if you use it you probably don't need to get this).

The chances of getting a tornado or hurricane by looking at a radar are very low if it's a large area (ie. if you're looking at these storms in one town, the chances of you seeing a tornado or hurricane is very low).

Unfortunately, this radar is only for the USA.

You can get a lot of weather data free from the National Weather Service

IntelliWeather is a very good scientific weather model. I use it
and it's a lot more reliable than this radar. It can give you
a very good idea of where a storm is going to hit but it cannot
predict the damage caused by the storm. IntelliWeather costs
$65.00 for a year membership.

Use your feet and not your computer to find out if you can see a tornado.

Try walking in the direction of the storm. My advice: DO NOT LOOK FOR A TORNADO IN A BUILDING. Yes you may get injured by lightning. Yes you may be killed by falling debris. But tornado damage is something you'll be able to see. If you go into a building you may miss the tornado.

I know this is a free website, but I would recommend not posting comments like "I can see it from here...". This does not help anyone in the situation. If you are in a situation when you are not prepared, you need

System Requirements:

* CPU: 2.0 GHz or better (preferably a multicore processor)
* RAM: 4GB+
* Storage: Please make sure your storage space is at least 15 GB.
* Resolution: 1024 x 768 or higher
* Graphics: OpenGL version 2.1 or higher, DirectX 9.0c or higher
* Keyboard and Mouse: Microsoft IntelliPoint/Stylus recommended for Xbox 360 and mouse recommended for PC.
* Controller: Supports all controllers which are USB or PS2

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