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Zoosk is really good!

Zoosk is really good!

Some of these tips may seem like ones you should have already known, but you might have to relearn them—or be reminded of them—due to some of the trends that have come and gone in the last decade. It may be helpful to realize that everyone has a different approach to dating these days, and once you have a few dates under your belt, you'll have a much better idea of what works for you.

This guide was originally written in early 2008 and is by no means a definitive dating guide. We're always updating it with new advice, tips and trends, so check it out regularly to be on top of the current etiquette.

How to Start a Conversation at a Bar or Club:

If you're looking for a hookup, of course you have to start somewhere. But with a little bit of follow-through and some caution, your first date can turn into a first step toward a long-lasting relationship. Start by deciding if it's the type of bar or club where you feel comfortable. If you've had one too many drinks, you might have trouble keeping your cool and starting a conversation with someone new. If you want a nice date, you should know the vibe and the vibe you're comfortable with (or comfortable leaving, depending on how you want to approach it).

Another important tip to keep in mind is that you should always meet outside the club, not inside the club. Even if you're walking into the club with a friend (and let's face it, this is a better option than walking in on your own) you should make sure to get the person's attention and make it clear that you're trying to meet someone. If you can't do that, ask a friend to help (in that scenario, make sure they know the plan so they can explain it to the person you're meeting).

As with all first dates, you should limit your alcohol intake, so you're not too tipsy or drunk when you meet. If you're not using your cell phone, you can put it in silent mode, so it won't vibrate. This will be easier to do if you go straight to the table and sit down. You also want to make sure you're dressed to impress—avoid revealing clothing, especially underwear, because both men and women are a little freaked out by it.

How to Actually Approach Someone at a Bar or Club:

So you've got a drink in hand, and you realize you're too
Start by coming up with the perfect—though not necessarily all-encompassing—vignette for your ideal partner. Pick a favorite movie or movie character and find an actor/actress who best plays their part. Then, make sure to research your person well. Don't just read up on them in high school and college—and definitely don't listen to their music for reference. Invest a lot of time, though, and you may find that your perfect guy/gal actually lives in your city.

Without further ado, here are 10 people you'd never want to date.

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1. The 30-Year-Old Who Pretends To Be 25.

So there's no way to tell the difference between this guy and the guy who says he's 30, wears the same clothes every day, goes on vacation every year to the same place, and always takes his parents with him. What's worse, if he asks you what your age is, you can't tell the difference! By the way: this should have been number one on your list.

2. The Old Man Who Never Goes Backpacking.

Don't be fooled, this man looks pretty good for a wrinkled butt wad. He probably says he can't go on vacation anymore because he's too old. He drives an SUV, but because he doesn't have kids and isn't married, he can afford one. And although he's a little grayer than his wife—who's the same age—he seems to get less annoyed at her, which means that he won't be grumpy if she goes out and doesn't come back for hours. Or he just might do something else to your heart. Just don't go on vacation with him.

3. The Guy Who Is Seriously Interested In You.

He's so interested in you that when you tell him you want to see him again, he agrees without any hesitation and doesn't say that he's not right for you. He'll even start sending you texts in the middle of the day, asking if you're free that night. He's so into you, even if you know he's only in the market for a one-night stand, he's so obsessed that it's clear you're his ideal date. He's the guy who's always had bad

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