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Chris Evans was spotted holding hands with Alba Baptista outside a restaurant in Hollywood

Chris Evans was spotted holding hands with Alba Baptista outside a restaurant in Hollywood

You Can Dating Apps for Friendships, but You Don't Need a Million Dollars to Get Started.

We know, you've probably heard that it costs an arm and a leg to be a successful online dater. But it doesn't have to be expensive to get started. The right online dating site can put you in touch with men and women who are looking to make a relationship commitment. Plus, you can find a meaningful connection without wasting a lot of time and money. Whether you want to find a hookup or a long-term partner, here are five of the best free sites that can get you started—and there's more where they came from!

xMatch: Free, $4.99 monthly membership, there's really nothing to lose by trying this service

xMatch is a free, no-frills, beautiful, reliable dating site that works with both men and women. With a free membership, you can create a single profile, upload a picture, and message other members with ease. If you'd like more privacy and want to use a paid subscription, there are two plans available: a $4.99 monthly plan (which includes two profiles, five picture uploads, and unlimited messages) or a pay-as-you-go $9.99 monthly plan. Because xMatch is so simple, anyone can use it and find what they're looking for.

Top 10 Online Dating Sites for 2013: Our Experts Pick,

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Passion Passions is an online dating site for people with or without relationships who are looking to find friends and romance in a safe environment. While some of the members on the site are single or in relationships, there are also many members who prefer a "friends with benefits" situation. With unlimited messaging and a free membership, this is a great place to meet new people. Interested in joining? Sign up here!

If you’re looking for a passionate connection for the right reasons, Passion Passions is a good place to start. Browse members by age, location, gender, or status, search through active members by those they've contacted, or you can even search for members with shared interests.

In Bed With Married Men: Married Men Who Need Women,

If you’re looking for a little bit of the forbidden, there’s no better choice than
Before you start filling out your online dating profile, try these tricks to give you the confidence to create a profile that will catch a strong and compatible partner's attention.

Be Honest About Your Online Dating History

Dating sites can have a reputation for being a destination for desperate people trying to rebound from failed relationships. But here's the thing: Lying can be a really bad habit. When someone asks you if you've ever been in a relationship before, it's your opportunity to tell them how great it was. It could be a great way to give yourself a little perspective.

But lying could also put a stigma on yourself, especially if you've been in a relationship before and, with more than seven years of age under your belt, are looking for a serious relationship. The longer that you go without dating, the harder it's going to be for someone to trust that you're not out to get them. And for some people, a short answer of "I've never been on a date" feels like a lie.

If you've been in a relationship before, having an honest discussion with someone on a dating site about your past relationships could help you, and them, grow. Give yourself the space to be honest, or have a candid discussion with someone—you may be surprised by how long-lasting a positive experience they've had.

Look at Yourself Through Your Potential Match's Lens

It's not easy to date a stranger, but it's equally as difficult to deal with the small physical quirks and habits that, if they're wrong for you, could be a deal-breaker. Before you take out that online dating profile, take some time to think about what you're looking for in a relationship. Think about the things you would love to see in a partner.

Are you after a sweet talker, someone who likes to have deep, romantic conversations? Great! But, you might also be more interested in spending time with your potential match's interests, and that's totally fine! This can help you focus on the things that you would be thrilled to see in someone you're interested in romantically.

Think about your needs. What do you like to do in your spare time? What are you most passionate about? If you're more interested in intellectual pursuits like reading, great! Think about the things that you really admire and want your partner to share. It can be as simple as "reading habits" to as detailed as "inf

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